Jurassic Punks 1 Year Anniversary!

Jurassic Punks NFT
7 min readMar 24, 2023

It’s been 1 year since JPunks minted and nearly 2 years since the project began building, time flies!

We wanted to say a huge thank you to the community, team and everyone we’ve met and made friends with along the way who have supported us.

This year has been insane as we built out and completed our year one roadmap.

Here’s what’s happened over the last year…

A year of Evolution


It took us nearly a year of building before even getting to mint day, along with countless AMAs, spaces and chats to help build awareness and support.

We had our white list sale on the 24th of March and public release was on Friday the 25th where we fully sold out in 6 hours! The excitement and buzz in the Discord was electrifying!

So many OGs!

3 days after mint we revealed and again the community came out in full force showing off their OG’s and even getting us on Openseas trending projects!


As well as a wealth of cool OG-Rex’s released there were 7 legendary OG’s revealed, all having a part of the larger lore of JPunks.

These were a highlight for us and let our creative team really flex their talents and I think we can all agree they look awesome!

Beta Rex

In April, not long after minting we wanted to show you what it meant to have a rigged 3d model and created the Beta-Rex. A rigged Unreal Engine scene along with custom video tutorials to introduce you all into the world of 3d animation.

We knew we had a talented community but weren’t quite prepared for the quality of work we received, especially from people that had never even opened a 3d software package before. Absolutely blew us away the level of commitment and talent you all had!

Some amazing Unreal work from the community

AR Filter

In May, after hearing the communites response to Beta-Rex we knew that we needed an easier way to let our community create content and show their support, so we created a snapchat ARfilter. This let you easily create content and have some fun with the JPunk assets without needing to learn any 3d.

We ran some competitions and got some amazing responses.


We began giving holders their FBXs to let them experiment with their own rigged files and saw some amazing results from them.

From custom animations to Album covers, the community have been amazing.

OG JustThoughts using his Jpunks for his rap group Small Arm Robbery

Digital Fashion Shows

One of our key aspects with 3d rigged models was to create 3d fashion shows for Web2 & Web3 brands and pre-mint we did a few testers to show what we could do.

Shortly after mint we were approached by Brandverse to showcase their digital watch line Z3na. This was our chance to show what we could achieve using our JPunk, Unreal Engine and our Motion Capture setup.

Tribe Management was opened and models from within the collection were hired and highlighted in these videos.

Our first hired model from within the collection.


In June we also did our genesis merch drop, working with Top Drawer merch, one of the best in the industry having worked with the likes of BAYC and Invisible Friends.


Over the course of the last 2 years Jpunks has formed friendships and partnerships with some great projects. Likeminded projects utilising Unreal engine, clothing and brands in the space or simply projects we believe in and like.

Here’s some of our favourites!

Our friends!

We partnered with Metaverse giants Netvrk very early on and were one of the first projects to be integrated into their play to earn Mine Runner game, getting 2 lucky holders JPunks as playable characters.

Play to earn with JPunks

We also had another JPunk cast in Digital Dogs awesome mini game, in prep for their launch.

These were great ways to show how being built for Unreal let us plug easily into these games, casting winners from inside the collection.


In October we launched the opening episode of our lore, a 3 minute full CG teaser built in Unreal to kickstart the story behind the JPunks. This was a huge undertaking by the team and cemented the underlying narrative of the project whilst again highlighting the talents of our professional team.


After Beta-Rex and the AR Filter we knew we needed to find a middle ground between the holders that wanted full control and the ones that simply didnt have the time to learn some new software. The aim was to create something that is easy to use but flexible enough so that everyone can view their JPunk in 3d, pose it, animate it, light it, create content and export.

That’s where the JPunks App was born, a custom made bit of software built in Unreal Engine to let our holders control and create their own content without the need to learn a ton of software.

In December we released the Beta version and got some absolutely amazing results and feedback from the testers. We are now currently squashing bugs, addressing feedback and finessing for a first public release.


In can get lonely for an OG Rex out there so we have created a Raptor companion for your Rex. Built to the same quality as the Rex’s these Raptors are looking sharp!

These will be a free claim 1/1 for every Rex you own you will get 1 Raptor, as promised from day 1.

Among the standard collection there will again be 7 Legendaries, randomly spread through the collection so everyone has equal chance to draw one. these will fit into the JPunks lore and provide more info on their history and survival.

We can finally announce that Raptors will be claimable at the beginning of May! The claim will be open for a period of time so there’s no need to rush and pay high gas, your raptors will be waiting for you.

More information will be released in the coming weeks regarding how you will claim and how long the claim period will be open for. There will be a further announcement in the coming weeks where we will provide full details.

And More!

Along with all of this we have had giveaways, competitions, games nights and white list access to other projects.

We have tried to bring you as much as we could over the last year!

Thank You!

Lastly we just want to say one more big thank you to the community, we have been working tirelessy to provide you with as much as possible this year and deliver everything we promised on the road map plus more.

You have all been so amazing and we appreciate your support!