Jurassic Punks Mint Price

Jurassic Punks NFT
3 min readMar 19, 2022

Dear JPunks,

Kevin and James here, the two founders of Jurassic Punks.

As we are sure you are already aware we have been evaluating the proposed price of of the OG-Rex mint on the 24th of March 2022. The evaluation was necessary due to the current market conditions combined with the open discussions had with you, our amazing community, who had raised some concerns.

One thing that was great to hear was that everyones thoughts on a reduction were not a reflection on the quality of the project but more a reflection on the current NFT market as a whole. We absolutely heard you all during the latest AMA and with our full commitment to making the project a success, we have made the decision to drop the mint price to 0.1ETH.

What does this mean for the community?

The heart of any great project is the community. We believe this move will not only allow you to mint with confidence, but will reassure you that your voice truly matters and Jurassic Punks is a journey we will all take together.

The decision to move to a 0.1 ETH mint price across Whitelist and public sale, we firmly believe will have a positive effect on our already loyal and amazing community. We hope it will reinforce the trust you all have in us and the project itself as we move forward.

What does this mean for the Jurassic Punks Roadmap?


In making this decison we have not compromised the integrity or plans we have for Jurassic Punks. Funds from the Whitelist & Public sale along with secondaries will be prioritised into the budget for achieving our roadmap goals, hitting every milestone originally planned.

What does this mean for the founders?

Jurassic Punks has been a full time passion for us both for nearly 10 months now and we have no plans to let anything stop this journey and to do that we know the responsibility and risk should firmly land on us.

With this adjustment in price we have both agreed to forgo recouping our extensive running expenses from the 10 months of self funded building we have done already. This is something we believed was essential in creating the project the right way, offering the community the highest quality product and experiences as soon as possible.

This is a massive commitment from us and we hope it shows the community how commited and confident we are in what we are creating and its future in the space. We do not see this as just ‘another project’ but as the future of our careers and lives for many years to come and we have the drive, experience and determination to ensure that happens.


We hope this decision shows the community how important you are to us and how highly we hold your opinion and standing within the project. By implementing these changes now, we feel we are strengthening the project going forward and truly believe together we have something very special.

We cannot say it enough but this project and community is a dream come true for us and we have no doubts in our and our teams ability to execute and help drive the NFT and Metaverse space into the future.

Together we know we can create something amazing.

Kevin & James.