Spoiled Banana Society Poker Tournament

Jurassic Punks NFT
3 min readMay 30, 2022

31st May 2022 – 40+ NFTs in prizes!


  • How — Download ClubGG — https://www.clubgg.net/ and create an account
  • Where — Hop into the @SBS_XYZ Twitter Spaces at 7 pm EST
  • When — The competition starts at 8 pm EST in your ClubGG account
  • Why — Shit loads of NFT prizes!

#TribeCalledRex we have been invited by the awesome frens at Spoiled Banana Society (SBS) to a poker tournament. There are some serious prizes up for grabs (outlined below), but 1st of all, who is sbs.xyz

Spoiled Banana Society (SBS) was created by a group of Bored Ape Yacht Club Members longing to build fantasy sports leagues on the blockchain for the community’s enjoyment.

Their 10,000 SBS Genesis Cards double as your membership and gives you access to the Spoiled Banana Society benefits, including playing each year in our SBS NFT Fantasy Football League with no further purchase necessary.” https://www.sbs.xyz/

So, if that has tickled your fancy frens, then we invite you all to attend the “SBS Free Poker Tournament” with the following projects all taking part:

How to join:

  • Download ClubGG — https://www.clubgg.net/
  • Make an account (use discord name as username) (if too long, use the beginning of discord name)
  • Click Search Club
  • Enter club Id: 798751
  • Wait to be approved
  • You are good to go once approved
  • Check back on the day of the tourney to enter!

The Prize Pool:

Winners will get to pick what prize they want in order of place finished. 1st place will get to pick 3 prizes & 2nd will get to pick 2 prizes. Here is what’s up for grabs:

  • 3 x SBS NFTs
  • 2 x Crypto Dads NFTs
  • 1 x Steedz NFT
  • 1 x Poker Go NFT
  • 1 x Ape List NFT
  • 1 x Stadium NFT
  • 1 x JPunksNFT OG Rex
  • 2 x OG Nuts & 3 x Christmas Nuts NFTs
  • 1 x Hog Homies X BAYC 2735 Comic NFT
  • 1 x MetaFans NFT and 1 x FanEpack (combined prize)
  • 1 x Swoops NFT Free Mint
  • 3 x Sirens World NFT Free Mints
  • 5 x Run Good Gang Free Mints
  • 1 x KOD Merch package
  • 3 x Rouge Bunnies Free Mints
  • 10 x MetaMille Whitelist Spots
  • $50 in ETH

Let’s have some fun and show them our #TribeCalledRex diamond hands.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there.